Monday, November 10, 2008

Wish I was on Isla...

I'm feeling a little nostalgic about Isla today for some reason. Maybe it's because Jamqueen posted some sunrise pictures from the malecon.

Before I get more into that, I thought I'd post these pictures of the model condo at Ixchel. Definitely a comfortable little place. I think it was about $250,000...something like that. (You'd think they could do something a little bit more attractive with the water cooler.)

You can buy it furnished.

One of the two bedrooms.

And the view from the balcony. It would be pretty tough waking up to this every morning.

So, yeah, I'm missing Isla a little bit today. The sunrise photos reminded me of how I like to walk the malecon in the morning.

And my view from Jax while working on my blog.

I checked through my folder from photos I took last May and found some I hadn't done anything with for some reason or another. I'm posting some here with few comments...more of a self-therapy than anything else.

I could go for one of these about now.

Until next time...adios, Isla.


Jamqueen said...

I am missing Isla also--just about 2 months before our annual visit. But that goes by too fast!

Life's a Beach! said...

Great photos Deb! There are lots of things in there I've never noticed! I'm kind of wishing I was there, but really enjoying the weather here right now. By the way, friends have a condo in Ixchel I and I think it's a lot nicer than that model. And their view is drop dead gorgeous!