Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Old Roca Mar

This photo was sent to me by a friend who's been going to Isla for over 20 years. This was his room at Roca Mar when it cost about $16 to $18 a night. He said it was where M&J's sits now. Look how close the water is through the doorway.

And this was M&J's back in May of this year. I heard the restaurant has moved due to the Roca Mar renovations. I'm thinking they're probably not going to offer a "Super-Saver" rate of $16 to $18 a night after the renovations are finished.


Life's a Beach! said...

Deb, they'll probably offer a super saver grand opening rate of about $100 a night, but maybe they'll surprise us. (With $115!)
It'll be interesting to see what they do with the place! And what they charge.


Islagringo said...

M&J is now located on Hidalgo, next to the Italian Gelato place. I have heard that they will move into the same location at Roca Mar. They have extended it out to the malecon.

The Roca Mar is now owned by the same family that owns Maria del Mar, Hotel Secreto, Hotel Media Luna, The Swing Bar Buho and the downtown gas station. I doubt that there will be a special room rate soon.