Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just a couple of pet peeves...

Kind of a different post for me tonight. Everyone has their pet peeves, and here are a couple of mine.

When I learned how to drive, I was taught that you should stay in the right lane unless you need to pass. I believe that's what most state motor vehicle booklets also state. So it really bugs me when people drive slowly in the far left lane. Yeah, I got pictures of a couple of those culprits today. (Don't tell my kids I was taking pictures while I was driving.) What is it with people who think they can just meander along in the left lane...obviously oblivious of being followed by a trail of impatient drivers who just want to get past them? I'm definitely not a "road rage" kind of person, but I think it should just be a kind of "road etiquette" to follow the rules of the road. But I've found that when you pass these people, they have kind of a clueless look about them...and will probably never change. Oh, well.

On another note, this is a more recent peeve. Maybe it's because I'm in Texas and there are more open fields, but I've been seeing more and more of this kind of thing...

I'm getting really sick of seeing these plastic bags being strewn all over the countryside. Yes, I know we went from paper bags to plastic because we're cutting down trees to make the paper bags. But the paper bags were biodegradable...and the plastic bags are not. So now we get to see all the plastic bags that people haphazardly disgard as lunch bags or whatever. Then they get stuck to a branch to be left dangling in the wind forever.

I think the St. Paul Lutheran Church Youth group needs to get together.

But I'm thinking these bags are going to be around until the cows come home.

Uh-oh...here they are.

Everyone should go to these things. Here's Nutter Butter telling everyone they should use re-usable bags. (I'm kidding. Actually, this is Nutter telling me I need to fill those bags up with cat food.)


Islagringo said...

Why not send your pictures to the Lutheran Church? In Minnesota, the highway sponsors take their duty quite seriously. Our highways are spotless. Pet peeves. Good subject. I could do a week of posts on mine!

Life's a Beach! said...

Love the cow pic! I have one of those totes in red. Love it! I hate the left hand lane slowpokes. What really peeves me is when they then speed up and won't let you get past them! My first impression of Phoenix was all the trash along I-17 on the way into town. It used to be horrendous -- worse than any area in the U.S. I'd seen!

barry said...

Great topic Deb, most of my pet peeves revolve around driving too, take a left lane lame brain and add using cell phone and you got mine. I was impressed with Honduras, they ticket you if you use a cell phone or eat or smoke while driving,,unfortunately you can still have Sex and let the family goat ride in your lap,, ,, but its a start

Isla Deb said...

Wayne - Good idea about sending the pictures to the Lutheran church...think I might just do that.

Beck - I know what you mean about the slowpokes speeding up when you're trying to get around them. Sometimes I think they drive in the left lane just to irritate people.

Barry - I agree about the cell phones. If it was illegal to use cell phones, eat or smoke while driving in the U.S., everyone would be in jail!