Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Vacation!

Well, my Christmas Vacation started last Friday at 5:00 p.m. (Thanks, Beck, for telling me how to post a video!) I'm off for two weeks courtesy of Texas State University's energy conservation policy. I still can't believe it. But instead of going anywhere, I've decided to work on some home projects that I have been putting off for months. Last time I had some serious time off was when I got laid off, but I was so depressed and worried about finding another job that I didn't feel like doing a damn thing...other than looking for another job, of course. Now I have two weeks off with pay, so I have a lot of energy to get some things done.

First of all, we did the Secret Santa thing at work and I got this big basket of pine cones from my Santa. Considering there are no pine cones where I live in Texas this is a nice reminder of the north. In addition to that, one of the admins got me the book on Stieglitz next to the pine cones (a pioneer in the history of photography) because she knew of my interest in photography. What a sweetheart. Thanks, Sarah!

It's cold here today...started out at 32 and is now 40. That's cold for here. It's a gloomy day, as well, which also reminds me of the north...a nice change as far as I'm concerned but MANY people down here would disagree with me. I actually wore my leather jacket today AND turned on the heat. Both are rare occurrences for me.

Oh, man...look what the kitties did while they were outside today. Bad kitties! I think they were trying to get my attention to let them back in...even THEY don't like the cold.

One of my first projects before Christmas gets here is making a collage of black and white photographs from birth to now for each of my three sons . I'm going to mount them in a frame so they can hang them on the wall. The idea came to me from one of The Ariel View blog posts on her sister's birthday. Thanks for the idea, Vee!

Another project has been that room on the other side of the kitchen window that I created the stained glass panel for. I've decided to use that as a hobby room because it has a cement floor which is good for working with various crafts...especially stained glass. I did a post a few months ago on a deserted factory that had been turned into apartment lofts. I liked the fact that they had kept the original cement floors.

So I decided to go for the same look. I had originally painted it in a checkerboard pattern when I first moved here and used it as kind of a guest/family room.

In transition...

I painted it all a solid tan, then went over with a sponge roller to get that mottled look. It turned out a lot darker than the factory floor, but I like it. Now I just need to find a work table so I can actually do some work in there!

And remember what the back side of that window looked like before?

Here it is now. I wanted it to look like it was built that way.

On a totally different note, I used a memory card I hadn't used in months to take these pictures and found this photograph was still on it.

No sunflowers out today!


Vee said...

That room looks great, Deb. I also have two weeks off from the university where I work for the same reason - energy conservation. We have to use a couple of annual leave days, but most of it is covered. Isn't it wonderful! And thanks for the shout-out. I'm looking forward to seeing your collages!

Life's a Beach! said...

Wow Deb! That floor and the room looks fantastic! I know in a lot of cutting edge homes now, they're doing the same with the floors and countertops! As far as embedding a YouTube video, there's an embed code off to the right of the video on YouTube. You copy that code, and then paste it into your post under the Edit Html button. Once you hit compose, the video will come up as a blank box. When you Preview your post, the video should be there with the picture. Hope it works Deb!

Woo hooo for two weeks off with pay!

Islagringo said...

The whole room looks fantastic. Like right out of Trading Spaces!

You can also click on the video button on the create post page, right next to where you upload a picture. It will load directly onto your blog post.

lagovistajenn said...

Deb! That floor looks fantastic!!

Isla Deb said...

Vee - Texas State employees had to use some of their vacation days last year but not this year so I lucked out since I'm a newbie there...whoo-hoo!

Beck - I know what you mean about the "cutting edge" thing. I watched an HGTV show the other day where they covered a laminate countertop with cement! I don't know if I'm up for that project!

Wayne - I had tried doing what you suggested, but I would get an "Error on Page" message. Thanks, anyway!

Thanks, Jenn!