Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What does the future hold?

I've gone back to my original header photo of the three doors on Isla Mujeres.  It has always been my favorite.  Just a random set of three different doors down a side street on a little island in the Caribbean that most people have never heard of.  But it's my favorite set of doors of the many that I have photographed in the Yucatan.

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog.  I really haven't had much to say due to job and family issues.  But then again, I have noticed that other bloggers who I visit haven't had much to say, either.  Maybe it's a global blog block.  Besides the personal things I've been going through, it's living in a state where you have to travel many miles to get anywhere.  And even when you do, you're still in the same kind of area where you were before.  That gets discouraging as a person who loves to travel down the road to the next adventure. 

Anyway, I'm still here...but don't know how much I'll be blogging.  I guess it all depends on what comes up in central Texas a day at a time.  So far, it hasn't been much, other than needing some rain...as usual.  I guess I'll play it by ear. 


Ann said...

I feel that way, too. The comments have dropped off alot--but I decided at least for now to keep posting for myself! Not much happening around here either & I don't get out much to see different places!

Nancy said...

I'm glad you posted though, Deb. I'll always be around to read about your travels or whatever you feel like writing about. Sometimes it takes me a while to catch up on my favorite blogs, but I'm home today (storms knocked out the power to my garage door and I couldn't get out of the garage). I'm going to catch up on some of my reading!

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