Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fish Tacos

I had the urge for fish tacos yesterday, so I was surfing the net trying to find a recipe that sounded good. I finally decided on Guy Fieri's "Tex Wasabi's Koi Fish Tacos" which he featured on his show Guy's Big Bite on The Food Network. Here are the ingredients...

The recipe also included making pico de gallo. It has been so long since I've made pico de gallo that I forgot how good it is...

As well as a tequila limi aioli sauce. This was kind of strange...sour cream, cilantro, tequila, cumin, garlic and lime. I had fish tacos at a place called "Chimy's" a couple months ago and they had a kind of spicy Russian dressing sauce with them which I REALLY liked. I'll have to look for a sauce like that next time I make them.

So here's the finished product. They were really good but, again, I was a little disappointed with the sauce. This is the first time I've worked with tempura, and I was really impressed. That's definitely a keeper as far as fried really made them crispy. The Panko bread crumbs help in that aspect, as well. And I always like fish tacos better with slaw as opposed to lettuce. They're kind of a lot of work for just a taco, but it was worth it. I learned a little tip when I was watching The Food Network the other day. Never use both hands to put something in a batter first, then bread crumbs. Use one for the batter and the other for the bread crumbs to avoid the lumpy mess on your fingers. It worked.

One last note. Our Mexican professor frequently drives to his home in Monterrey through the year and last time he went, he brought me this reusable bag for groceries. How cool is this? Now I be grocery shopping in style!


Ann said...

Cool bag! I almost had Mexican food on Fri & then opted for Greek instead! They look yummy!

Anonymous said...

I sure looked good! But, after clicking on the link you provided for the ingredience's...woah!! Just easier for me to buy a couple from the local restaurant.:-). I'm the 5 ingrediendt typa chef:-) ha

Isla Deb said...

Thanks, Ann.

Haha, Carl! You're right. It'll be awhile before I make them again.

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