Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wimberley Market Days...Round Two...

I went to the Wimberley Market Days a couple of years ago with a friend, but decided on a whim this morning that I would head up there myself to see if they had anything interesting. Mind you, the Wimberley Market Days is no small deal. Here is a map of all the booths they have there.

This is a market consisting of mostly antiques and collectibles, but there are many crafters and artisans, as well. Let's take a look.

This was the first booth I saw. Really?? Does anyone wear this kind of stuff anymore?? Maybe if you're working in the yard or in the garage, you'd throw this shirt on because you didn't care if gets stained or torn. But not for $20.

I thought these were nice. At first, I thought they were original stained glass from old houses, but they were just made to look like it. I do like the simple designs. Prices ranged from $60 to $100 which is pretty reasonable for stained glass. I can attest to the amount of time and work that goes into these...not to mention the bloody fingers from sharp edges.

Nice fountains...I always like water features. They were several hundred dollars.

These are kind of hard to see, but they're colorful glass stones that are supposed to be suspended from your roof as rain catchers. This would be fine if it ever rained here, but since it doesn't, it's kind of a moot point.

I would say that 60% of the booths consisted of junk like this, that you wouldn't even pay $1.00 for.

I kind of liked this light fixture. This would be cool hanging on a back patio at night with those yellow lights. But I'll bet you they don't work, and then you'd have to re-string all the lights to get that effect. I think I'll pass.

Some of the booth owners didn't even bother to lay out the items for sale...much less price them. It would take a true antique hunter to rummage through all this stuff to find something that's worth buying.

Wow...I remember this from when I was a kid...which is definitely showing my age.

Tie chairs. Kind of cute...and $38 isn't too bad of a price.

A Harley-Davidson coat rack. I'm thinking the $16.00 price tag didn't include the leather jacket.

Scrabble letters. I'm not going to tell you how long I had to stand there to find the letters to spell my name.

Some kick-ass used cowboy boots...well, maybe to someone.

Neon beer lights. I like the "Tiki Bar" one.


Hi, big my boots?

So, I hadn't eaten breakfast before I left the house, and was just about ready to faint from the 385 degree temps here in south Texas, so I decided to take a break for a Diet Coke and a $1.00 hot dog.

Then trudge along for more fun. I definitely like this table and bench set. This would look WAY cool in a nicely landscaped back yard...especially with one of the fountains previously pictured. Table with the three benches: $1,799.00.

I thought the $175.00 price tag on each of these cabinets was a pretty good deal.

I don't this something you really want to announce?

Guns...yes! I got the black one on the right with the big scope. Haha...yeah, right! Maybe when pigs fly.

And here's the cloven hooved cup that I bought to put my pens and pencils in...

You know I always zero in on the Mexican items at crafts fairs, but there wasn't a lot to choose from here. I did see this book. But since the copyright date is 1957, it should now read, "Mexico 54 Years Ago."

I thought this little composition on Guanajuato was kind of cute...

And I like this cross...

But these had to be the best. The perfect Mexican flip-flops with chiles and maracas.

Well, after going from booth to booth and seeing essentially the same junk at each one, I was getting a little thirsty. I'm sure the temps had gotten up to about 425 by this time, so when I saw this... only made me want to head in the direction of the concession booth that sold beer that they had just announced on the loud speaker. I was on a mission. In the meantime, I came across the vendors I dislike the most...the ones who think they're really artistic...but are definitely not...

What?? Do they mean for these to be decorative suitcases that you would check in as baggage at the airport? Or do they want you to set these dusty old things in your living room as decoration? Whichever it ain't gonna happen...especially at almost $40.00 a pop!

This photographer was here the last time I came to this event. I was astounded back then that he actually had the nerve to sell his photographs. But to see that he was still here today blew me away. Besides the fact that his photos are mediocre at best, his skill at matting and framing them was deplorable.

This was the only photo that I thought was halfway decent, but look at the way it's framed. There are white borders on the sides, a tiny white border at the top and no border on the bottom. And if you take a close look at the bottom right corner of the frame, you'll see that it's coming apart. Who would try to sell something like that?? Not to mention that it was the cheapest frame you could possibly find. AND he was charging about $65 per framed picture!! It boggles my mind. I wonder how much he actually sells.

Now we go on to the "weird and creepy" of my favorites. Here's a life size model of a cowboy for $200.00. Is it just me, or can you picture him in a "Living Dead" movie in which he's just about to attack someone in order to eat their brains? Would you really want to set this guy on the rocker on your porch?

Huh?? Besides using the worst grammar and punctuation, it just doesn't make sense...and is weird.

If you can't see what's written beneath the picture, it says, "Saint Ima Sue Sorry...Patron Saint of Unremitting Guilt." Again...huh?? Who thinks these things up??

And, finally...the world's creepiest picture. I ask you...who would possibly want a portrait of one of the children of the corn looking over her shoulder at you? Can you imagine looking at that every day??

On that note, it was time for a beer. I finally found the beer booth. Yay. Temps had gotten to about 475 by this time.

So, walking out, I saw these plant booths. The bougainvillea was in abundance and looking very beautiful.

These hanging pots were gorgeous. But, if I had to guess, these plants are at their peak, and when you bring them home, they'll be toast within a few weeks. Well, at least in my yard.

Speaking of my yard, here's what my flowers are looking like these days. These are a treat to see on the weekend...I never see them during the week because the flowers open up around 8:30 in the morning and close up toward the middle of the afternoon. They are so pretty when they're in their glory.

Same with this one...

And my hibiscus are beautiful, as well...

What a pretty color combination...

So, did I buy anything at the market...other than the hot dog and the beer? Yep. A steal of deal on a Mexican mirror...five bucks. You can't beat that with a stick.


Ann said...

You did good with your mirror purchase. Thanks for taking us along on your trip! Nothing quite so interesting around here! Glad to see you back blogging more regularly!

Linda said...

Nice mirror!!! And LOVELY yellow hibiscus!

I never go to flea markets or auctions... to me they're just a big waste of time! But I loved laughing at the photos of the stuff people will sell and buy! LOL