Thursday, February 19, 2009

Macro, macro, macro!!

Since so many people are posting macro photos, I thought I'd join in. I just started out taking random photos of things that meant something to me. This is a little angel my aunt in Connecticut sent sits on my desk to remind me of her love.

This is just a little thing that hangs from the chandelier in my dining special meaning.

This is from a Valentine's gift I received.

This goes way back. When I lived in the dorm of Centennial Hall at the University of Minnesota back in 1976, I used to play a lot of fact I was known as the Foos Queen of Centennial Hall. One day when some guys came by to repair the table, I asked if I could have the broken player. Here he is...I still have him 30 years later.

Then I got into photographing Isla memorabilia. Here's my little keepsake of the blue posts that used to line the Malecon.

Remember when I did the post on the posts being dumped off on into the water? I will always miss those blue posts. They were much better than the ones they have there now in my humble opinion.

Here's a pic of my pareo of Frida. It hangs in my office underneath my virtual beach scene that my sons gave me for Mother's Day last year.

This is my favorite Isla necklace.

My leftover pesos.

The sun I got on Isla which is hanging on my kitchen wall.

And last, but not's Ol' Blue...the stud that lives behind my house. My ultimate macro photo. Ya' gotta love him.


Islagringo said...

By jove, I think she's got it!

Life's a Beach! said...

Deb, all those shots are equally fantastic!!! Great job!

Vee said...

Excellent, Beck! I love the wispy clouds that look like another set of horns on ol' Blue!

Isla Deb said...

Thanks! This could become addicting!

barry said...

Hiya Deb...I love these,,especially the dinero and your necklace. Can't wait to see what you will do with a tidepool..

Isla Deb said...

Thanks, Barry...I'll have to work on the tidepool...when I find one. Have fun in Florida!

Nancy said...

Love the necklace and the pesos!

Isla Deb said...

Thanks, Nancy...those are my favorites, too.