Thursday, September 18, 2008


Since everyone posts pictures of their pets, I thought I'd do the same. But I'm going to include the critters other than the ones I'm responsible for, as well.

Here's the head honcho...Bud. Bud's looking very smug here, but he's actually a very sweet cat. When my son and I went to check him out at six weeks old, he was the only one in the litter who looked like this...the other six were tabbies or calicos...proof that cats can have litters from more than one dad. Plus, he was the only one who hissed and had his ears back when we checked them out. We took a chance and it paid off. It took awhile, but now he's a very lovable guy to have around.

This is when he was just a wee little thing.

Then we got this little gal. My son, Jared, had a part-time job at Olive Garden and he felt sorry for this stray who would come around for scraps. So he brought her home one night. She must have belonged to someone because she is spayed and declawed. Who am I to turn away a stray? But, I swear that one white whisker irritates me and every time I notice it I want to get a scissors or a tweezers. Don't worry...I won't do it. Don't want the SPCA knocking on my door about pulling whiskers out.

We named her "Nutter Butter" because she looks like a chocolate bar with caramel drizzled on top. Here's Nutter with Jeffrey, my oldest, chilling on a Saturday evening. One thing I've noticed about Nutter, she never ventures farther than the yard. I think having been a stray, she's come to appreciate a comfortable home. I'll let her outside, but she never wanders.

Here are a few pictures of the "not so tame" creatures:

My yard backs up to a little field where these guys graze. If you've never been close to a cow, they're very different. They have long pointy tongues that curl up when you feed them something. Kind of weird. They love Frosted Mini Wheats, but don't like celery.

These guys used to be there, too, but someone has taken them away. I miss them very much. They would always come up to my fence for treats. They loved Toasted Mini Wheats, too, by the way. I hope they're doing okay. I know they were very old horses.

I've posted this guy before. You can have him.

My brother, who lives about a half hour away from me, sent me this pic of a coral snake in his yard. His wife told me that they have to gnaw on you for awhile before the venom takes effect. Nice thought. Welcome to Texas.

I'm posting this in response to a couple comments I got on my Landa Park post. This is the duck with the weird things on its beak. Carl called it a Muscovie. Is that right, Carl?? Not the most attractive duck I've seen in my life...just kind of weird.

That's a short post for me. The Comal County Fair is coming up next week, so that will provide some interesting pictures. Till then...adios...

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Jamqueen said...

Bud is beautiful--love those blue eyes! Thanks for sharing...