Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas...

I decided to take a little trip to Luckenbach, Texas. We've all heard of it, thanks to Waylon Jennings. And like so many other places in Texas, it's out in the middle of nowhere. I visited Luckenbach a few years ago when I first moved to Texas...drove by it three times before I realized that was the place. The next few pictures are literally all that's to it. It's kind of a biker place to go, but there were hardly any bikers there today...mostly just yuppy types. Maybe all the bikers are in South Dakota...which is where I wish I was. This is the little gift shop...anything you want with "Luckenbach" printed on it is here.

This is the dance hall.

The feed lot.

Howdy. Yep, that's how they greet folks down here in Texas. "Howdy, ma'am. I'll be fixin' to holler at y'all." No lie.

Side of the post office/shop.

Their bathrooms are covered with license plates from all over North America. I found South Dakota.

A little Texas music type band was playing.

And you could board the neighborhood bull if you got the hankerin'.

So much for Luckenbach.

Passed by the Gruene (New Braunfels) Harley-Davidson dealership and it looked like they were having a little "rally" themselves (emphasis on "little"). Hardly anyone there, but I took a few pics.

They had a parking lot full of bikes...most of them had to have been for sale because there weren't enough people there to be riding them. Didn't find many unique ones, though...just a few.


Islaholic Trixie said...

I went on a nice ride on my Harley yesterday. There is no better way to clear the mind then to just ride.

Isla Deb said...

I'm envious! You should be in South Dakota this week! Have you been checking my other blog on the Sturgis Rally?

carl/debbie said...

I hope "we" are going somewhere in the next weekend or two !! haha
I like taggin' along:-))

Isla Deb said...

Hey, Carl. The best I could do this weekend was Gruene Market Days on my next blog post. Would like to do more, but I'm still job hunting. I want to do the Route 66trip through Texas one of these days and see (photograph) the Cadillac graveyard...and whatever else it has to offer. Stay tuned! And thanks for checking my site. Wish I could do a swing down to Isla for a side trip. Who knows.

Paul said...

Nice bike shots. You know every H-D store in the country has these little gatherings just about every weekend. The 'Bar and Shield' is always a friendly place. I've been on two wheels for over 40 years. Now I work at a H-D dealership. Sort of like Brair Rabbit and the briar patch, Uncle Remus fable. Keep taking pics of bikes. You have a good eye.