Monday, June 16, 2008

Missing Isla

After I posted my "final" update, Isla Gringo persuaded me that I should continue to add to my blog so here I am again. Now that I've pretty much sorted through my hundreds of photos that I took, I've found some that can offer some various subject matter and now I will be adding post-Isla thoughts. I will add that they will be considerably shorter than my "final" post which I agree was a bit much to absorb in one sitting.

So now that I've been back home for about a week and a half, I can't help but notice the differences in just everyday life between here and Isla. Take breakfast, for instance. Here's a typical breakfast on the island:

Breakfast at home.


I DO have a colorful tablecloth, however, so that makes it a LITTLE bit better. Wrapping your utensils very tightly in a small napkin also helps. By the way, that's not beer in that's apple juice.

I took pictures of some of the street signs because they're more creative and I like the lettering and little palm tree on them.

Oopsies...when we paint the house, we should paint AROUND the street sign.

My street sign.


Here's an interesting chair that sits at Bamboo Too.

My chair at home.


Here's the view I had when I was doing my blog at Jax.

The view from my office at home.


Alright...alright. I know it could be worse. In fact, my three sons know how much I like Isla, so for Mother's Day this year, they chipped in and bought me this big wall hanging of a "virtual" seascape. When it's turned on, it looks like the water's moving and it makes the soothing sound of waves hitting the shore.

Ya' gotta love 'em.

So I'm looking through my photos and come across this one. Just look at this guy gloating at his predecessor turquoise post in the water.

Don't worry...I'm not going to get into THAT again. I'm not going to say anything, but just continue my walk down the malecon. And believe me when I say I had nothing to do with putting the turquoise posts back on the ledge! It must have been someone else...I swear!

Okay, I admit it...sometimes I get a little carried away with Photoshop. I'm working on that problem.

The first couple weeks back from a trip to Isla are always the on to little things I miss.

My little apartment...and hanging my clothes out on the "line" like everyone does there.

My taxi rides to and from the neighborhood. I think on my last ride, there was a total of about eight people in that little cab...the guy just picked up everyone he saw! Kid's sitting on laps...not to mention half of the drivers seem to have their own families in there as well!

Waiting at the taxi stand to go back.

I miss eating at the Loncharias.

And the colorful houses. You just about need sunglasses for this one...this guy must think his clothing attire needs to clash with the house!

I don't think I've ever seen one of these anywhere in the United States.

And I love the little beer trucks.

And the little things.

And the rain storms. I heard the biggest clap of thunder I think I've ever heard on this past trip. And I got stuck at Chimbo's for about 15 minutes during a storm...the rain offers a different kind of beauty to Isla.

And I like the streets in town when it rains. (Although I think the shopkeepers and restaurant workers would probably disagree with me on that one considering how they have to sweep the puddles away whenever it rains.)

I miss the coming ferry...not the going ferry.

But most of all, I miss this.


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Laura Mapchick said...

Love your comparisons!

Anonymous said...

You need one of those digital photo frames if you do not already have one. I have one on my desk in the office and have both family and travel photos loaded on it. They are great.

Isla Deb said...

I DO have one, son got me one for my last birthday. I love it!